Mennonite Style Sausage
300 g

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Product Description

Our sausage ring family of items has expanded … try our Mennonite Style Sausage! This product is a blend of simple ingredients and is naturally smoked using real hardwood chips, not artificial dips or sprays. Add it to any snack tray or part of a meal.


Pork, Water, Salt, Sodium phosphate, Spices, Sugars (dextrose), Sodium erythorbate, Garlic powder, Sodium nitrite, Smoke.


This product is fully cooked. Slice and serve.

Nutrition Information

Per 100 g

Calories: 280
Fat: 23 g
Carbohydrates: 1 g
Protein: 15 g
Cholesterol: 65 mg
Sodium: 980 mg


gluten free, no MSG added, naturally smoked, fully cooked.